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Flow and process simulation


Simulation allows to take into account the variable elements of the system and then to study and evaluate its performances andprofitability.

Based on the 3D modelling of an existing or future system, the simulation allows a dynamic analysis of the system flows and processes.

A simulation can be realized at various scales: form equipment to factory network for the industrial simulation and from a care unit to a hospital for the healthcare simulations.


Manage time

Manage time as you wish. Following a modification, you can either increase simulation speed to see the effect after several weeks, or decrease the speed in order to watch these effects more precisely.

Performance indicators

Follow in real time the evolution of the performance indicators of your model (level of stocks, use of resources, processing times ...).

Export of results

Get a more realistic outline by exporting the results after the simulation. In fact, averaged values do not represent the real behaviour of the system, because they do not take the variance into account.