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Our success story: industry


Flow optimization on the logistic center of a clock-maker group

  • Identification and elimination of bottlenecks;
  • Simulation and comparison of several variants of package transfer to the shipping zone (conveying system, train, etc...);
  • Determination of the number of packaging stations for each family of products;
  • Optimization of logistic flows.

Implementation of Lean on the supply centre of a food processing industry group

  • Simulation of three variants of orders picking operations;
  • Optimization of the location of products according to their classification;
  • Determination of the optimal number of operators.

Restructuring of a supply centre of postal packets

  • Optimization of shipping destination location to make sure the shipping is performed within the prescribed time limit;
  • Determination of the number of resources needed (operators and equipments).

Building a new site for the flavour and perfume industry

  • 3D modelling of the factory building;
  • Representation and optimization of all material flows on the modelled area.