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Our success story: healthcare


Optimization of flows in the operating rooms

  • Study of the impacts of the location of intubation, extubation and instruments preparation steps (in or out the operating room) on the number of patients operated per day;
  • Improvement of patient flow;
  • Reduction of patients waiting time;
  • Detection of bottlenecks;
  • Measurement of resource occupation.

Implementing Lean in care units

  • Improvement of patient flows;
  • Reduction of patient waiting time and process time;
  • Analysis of the management and organization of resources;
  • Calculation of areas capacity and measurement of their occupation rate;
  • Detection of bottlenecks.

Enlargement and reorganization of emergency department

  • Measurement of performance improvements brought by the new layout : patients length of stay and waiting time, resources occupation, etc.;
  • Detection of issues and bottlenecks;
  • Determination of optimal capacity and location of the different areas: waiting rooms, nurse desks, triage, emergency rooms, etc.

Building of a site: sizing of patient reception and administrative admissions

  • Identification and elimination of bottlenecks;
  • Sizing of waiting rooms;
  • Optimization of the number and capacity of reception desks;
  • Optimization of the number of rooms dedicated to the administrative admissions according to the amount of patient arrivals per hour.