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Simulation in industrial environment


Competitive context: optimization of flows and processes

Industry is characterized by a strong international competition which entails companies to become always more competitive and successful. These companies become aware that in order to face the commercial challenges in their market, they have no choice but to synchronize their production according to the demand, optimize their resources and their flows, increase their performances,accelerate the launch of products on the market and reduce times and costs resulting from the unavailability of equipments (in other words, they need todecrease the lead time and delays).

Our approach of simulation and optimization of flows and processes helps the industrial companies to reach their performance objectives, by basing itself on numerical results coming from the simulation of one or several scenarios. 

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Benefits of simulation in industrial environment

Simulation is a dynamic analysis which consists of the modelling of an industrial system (factory, workshop, logistic warehouse, etc.) on a computer in order to estimate and improve its performances and profitability.

Our approach allows to:

  • Test variants for the improvement of performances and identify the optimal solution without disturbing the system (lean manufacturing, process reengineering);
  • Simulate the operation of a future factory or workshop and identify the optimal configuration before the setting-up;
  • Optimize the logistic flows in the factory;
  • Identify and reduce the dynamic bottlenecks;
  • Improve productivity and reduce the production costs;
  • Optimize the utilization of resources (equipment and operators);
  • Reduce the investment risk for the new equipment and projects.

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Examples of performance indicators

Buffers contents Operators occupation
Buffers content Operators occupation