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Healthcare simulation


Hospital: complex flows and processes

Hospitals are complex systems raising many issues such as the sizing, the improvement of their efficiency or more simply the understanding of how they work.

A healthcare system is described as a sociotechnical system, the main mission of which is to give the best medical care to patients: it is a true care production system.

This production system has two fundamental aspects: the uncertainty of medical care processes and complexity. The uncertain aspect of the medical care process lies in the large range of care provided to patients, in the difficulty formalizing and standardizing them, in the variability of activities length, and also in the peculiarity of the patient. The uncertainty generated by the human factor affects the complexity of production operations, their duration and their quality. The complexity in the system operation is due to the interconnection of several processes.

Among the elements leading to the global efficiency of a care unit, we can mention:

  • An optimized patient flow;
  • An efficient management of medical staff;
  • An optimized use of treatment areas (emergency rooms, beds, operating rooms, etc.).


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Benefits of healthcare simulation

Simulation is a dynamic analysis which consists of the modelling on a computer of a healthcare system (hospital, care unit, etc.) in order to estimate and improve its performances and quality of service.

Our approach allows to:

  • Determine the optimal number of treatment areas and their capacities;
  • Define the optimal layout for the healthcare service;
  • Optimize patient flow through the hospital;
  • Determine the optimal number of nurses and physicians;
  • Design physicians’ and nurses’ schedule in order to manage the rush hours more efficiently;
  • Identify and reduce bottlenecks;
  • Reduce patients’ waiting time;
  • Improve the quality of service in the establishment;
  • Reduce the investment risk for the new equipment and projects (enlargement, restructuring or reorganization).

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Examples of performance indicators

Waiting room occupancy Patient state by track Hourly patient throughput by track
Waiting room occupancy  Patient state by track  Hourly patient throughput by track